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New Security Measures

websitedefender 150x150 New Security MeasuresGoogle reports issuing 3 million malware warning to over 400 million user per day in the last year (See article).  We take the issue of security for our websites and blogs very seriously. There is nothing worse than losing all access to your website, having malware injected into various links, and the process of repair is extremely time-consuming and costly.

Beginning in August 2011, all of our websites were updated with some tools to greatly enhance security and potential hacking threats.  Since all of our website are designed using WordPress and related themes, we installed the plug-ins WP-Security and Secure WordPress by Website Defender.  Both of these tools increase security for all of our websites. You may read more about these plug-ins at Website Defender.

In addition to these security measures, we began backing up our WordPress installation databases upon completion of the website in case someone gains access to your password or website through hacking techniques.  In the case of this problem, we are now able to restore the website to its original format.  Please remember, you are also able to backup all of your own content yourself through the WordPress dashboard in your website.